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Two people learning how to control a cobot with digital instructional materials.


During the Rokka project we will develop digital courses for companies, teaching and research staff. The courses are meant for higher education graduates and contain both basic and advanced studies.

For teaching and research staff

For the teaching staff, we are compiling a workbook for teaching collaborative robotics. The workbook illustrates the different stages and efficient teaching methods in groups, where robots are collaborating with humans in teams.
Thanks to our project, the abilities of understanding and teaching collaborative robotics in Northern Ostrobothnia to future students will increase.

For companies

In the trainings for companies we take into consideration the different manufacturing functions as far as practical.

For students

The Getting to know cobots course provides an opportunity for all students interested in collaborative robotics to familiarise themselves easily with the use and programming of the devices. This course is a good stepping stone in selecting your further education.


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