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e-Lighthouse – Towards energy efficient communities

The e-Lighthouse project will support actions that increase energy efficiency in buildings and increase the uptake of renewable energy, thus decreasing carbon dioxide emissions. Funded by the Interreg Northern Periphery and Arctic programme, the e-Lighthouse partnership operates in six northern regions and works both for retrofitting public buildings and domestic houses.
As the main objective, the project partners have an ambitious mission to prevent global warming for their part by decreasing energy consumption and enhancing recycling by the circulation of waste. The main players in their regions (Oulu, Umeå, Cork, Inverness and Bodö) act like lighthouses, showing good examples of sustainable practises in their operations.
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Nordic Renovation Center, A knowledge network

The main objective of the project is to increase the number of skilled professionals needed to perform resource and energy efficient renovations within the Botnia-Atlantica region. This objective will be reached by establishing a Nordic Renovation Center, a knowledge network that shares best practices and supports regional stakeholders with information and education on how to perform sustainable renovations. In order to provide relevant information, the project will gather information on end user needs, renovation methods and increase the availability of flexible pedagogical tools.

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Increasing Competence in Northern Building (ICNB)

The ICNB project aims to increase the competence of SMEs in the northern region by introducing BIM and its application. As a result of the project, there will be more SMEs using BIM in their operations. It will allow faster communication and more effective co-operation with different parties such as designers, construction enterprises and component manufacturers in the projects and increase cross-border business. However, because of the importance of future human resources who possess the sufficient knowledge of BIM, there will be new courses in degree programmes of civil engineering, building and construction, which will provide more BIM-capable professionals in the sector.
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