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Contents of the programme



Me as a leader

Good self-knowledge is an important tool in leadership. During the training, you will get tools to identify your own strengths and areas of development regarding leadership. The key themes are building trust, identifying your own values, strengthening emotional intelligence and managing your own well-being.

Leadership in an organisation

During this part of the training, we will clarify the key concepts of human resource management and focus on human resource management as a strategic operation, competence management and leadership in the future from a practical point of view. In addition, we will discuss the basics of coaching and fruitful managerial work, sustainable business operations, and interaction in an organisation.

Leading networks

During the training, your will have an opportunity to build networks locally, nationally and internationally. Contact studies, open seminars, an international network of trainers, as well as the study trip all create opportunities for  new collaboration, friendship and customer relationships.

Networking is especially important if you are wish to enter the international markets. The study trip abroad will provide you with information and courage to evaluate the readiness and prerequisites of your organisation for starting international business operations.

Sparring in small groups

The programme includes three sparring sessions in small groups about management preparedness. The sessions will be run by an experienced consultant. Working in small groups provides a great opportunity to discuss everyday management questions with other participants.

Study trip

The study will take place in the spring of 2020. Our destination is Spain. The trip will be executed in collaboration with our Spanish partners Fundacion EOI Escuela de Organización Industrial and Mondragon University. Before the trip, our training programme will focus on the challenges and possibilities of international business operations.

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