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Contents of the programme

fDesign is a diverse and practice-oriented programme that contains 10 days of contact studies (two days a month). The programme also includes learning tasks on different themes, participation in the Polar Bear Pitching event and a networking seminar. The theme days about marketing, webinars and online material by our partner Aava & Bang and the Marketing People network will also be at your disposal.

The themes of the programme include



fDesign Camp

The programme also includes a two-day Service Design Camp, which will be done in collaboration with our Bulgarian partner, Fabrica 360 in Oulu. The camp will be led by Eleonora Carnasa, Managing Director of Fabrica 360 together with Satu Nätti, Professor of Marketing at University of Oulu. The camp will be held mainly in English.

One-on-one sparring

During the programme, you can have three one-on-one sparring sessions with our coaches to design the marketing activities of your company. The expert in the sparring sessions is D. Sc. (Econ.) Sanna Oja from Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

Polar Bear Pitching

Polar Bear Pitching is a unique pitching event, where companies have an opportunity to pitch their business ideas in a hole in the ice. We will explore the event together.

Marketing People network

Aava & Bang’s Marketing People network organises marketing events in the Oulu region starting from January 2020. The contents of these events will be specified later. Thanks to our collaboration, you will be able to choose extra contents suitable for your company’s needs from these events, webinars and online sources.

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