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Oamkin tutkimus-, kehitys- ja innovaatiotyö

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Global and local research and development

Alongside teaching, research, development and innovation work (RDI work) is the second basic task of the university of applied sciences. The aim of the RDI work conducted at Oulu UAS is to support regionally the business development by providing a new competent workforce, by increasing international interaction, by developing innovation activities and by supporting business activities.


RDI work is steered by the focus areas of the Oulu UAS:

  1. Future health and well-being
  2. Energy, natural resources and the environment

In addition to the focus areas our themes are

Cooperation in the Oulu Innovation Alliance

In addition to the strategy, Oulu UAS's RDI work is steered by the strategic alliance, Oulu Innovation Alliance (OIA). The aim of the Innovation Alliance is to keep Oulu internationally recognised as an innovation cluster. It continues the long tradition of cooperation between education, research, business and public sector in Oulu.

We are focusing the activities on the agreed upon areas of innovation, investing in agreed upon infrastructures and developing mechanisms for the joint use of the alliance.

The Focus Areas