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Oulun ammattikorkeakoulu :: Exchange traineeships

Practical Training

Oulu University of Applied Sciences is an active matchmaker between students and employers: practical training is included in all our degree programmes and most students write their thesis in conjunction with a company or organisation.

Creative teamwork

Practical training in the framework of Erasmus+ programme in Oulu

Under the Erasmus+ programme students from participating countries are entitled to an Erasmus+ grant for student and trainee exchange. Incoming students apply for Erasmus+ grants from their own home institutions.

Ask about the possibilities for an Erasmus+ traineeship grant from your own higher education institution. Incoming students find their Erasmus+ traineeships (work placements, internships, practical training) usually independently, see our generic information and advice to search for traineeships.

Incoming Erasmus+ exchange students that are pursuing Erasmus+ studies can search for an Erasmus+ traineeship also during their study period and, if possible, extend their stay for the duration of the practical training. Students can continue as an Erasmus+ trainee directly after their Erasmus+ study period has ended. Oamk LABs Demo Path (only DevLAB anymore in autumn 2019, and Game LAB in autumn 2019 and autumn 2020) can be pursued either as Erasmus+ studies or traineeships, usually as full programmes (30 ECTS cr) and during the official term dates. Check out also Demola Dark North multidisciplinary and business-driven and 2-month traineeship opportunities.

You can find general information on trainee exchange programmes and practical training in Finland on the Study in Finland website. For more information on how to arrange your practical training through Oamk, please contact

In addition, please check our information on full traineeships in the section Studying at Oamk > Traineeships, especially our Erasmus+ traineeship documentation.


Practical training courses and full traineeships in health and social care

Oamk's departments in health and social care offer practical training courses for a limited number of applicants and a limited workload/scope in ECTS cr (e.g. 6 ECTS cr) within the field-specific exchange study programmes and normally during regular and full terms only. 

Full traineeships (min. 2 months) can be applied to and pursued consisting of a practical training course (e.g. 6 ECTS cr) in comibination with supportive online and regular courses (from additional 6 ECTS cr up to 24 ECTS cr) from field-specific exchange study programmes in health and social care, and normally during regular and full terms only. Exceptions are possible most likely in the fields of special health care, but this cannot be guaranteed. Enquiries and nominations about practical training courses and full traineeships should be directed to

Practical training courses and full traineeships in health and social care must be applied to according to the application process and deadlines, in autumn by 30 April, and for spring by 30 September. Late applications won't be accepted. Admitted trainees in health and social care must meet the vaccination and laboratory test requirements and submit a health certificate before the commencement of the practical training course or full traineeship. In addition, please check our information on full traineeships in the section Studying at Oamk > Traineeships