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Oulun ammattikorkeakoulu :: Living and study expenses

Living and study expenses

Exchange students are exempt from paying for tuition (there may be exceptions to this general rule especially regarding the visiting/free mover students). Students are responsible for their own travel, accommodation and subsistence costs. Living costs in Oulu and Finland are quite on par with those of the most capital regions in Europe.

As a general rule Oulu UAS cannot, unfortunately, support exchange students financially. Usually the grants are paid by students' home institutions and therefore you should consult the international office of your own university for details on financial support for studies abroad.

Further information

Estimated living expenses in Finland

Estimated living expenses in Finland

Students admitted through international exchange programmes are exempt from tuition or other fees, but they have to pay the expenses for their travel to Finland, food, accommodation, study materials, clothing and social activities. Monthly costs for international students are estimated to be: 

Accommodation: 350 - 500 EUR
Lunch at student canteens (subsidized): min. approx. 1 EUR, max. approx. 3 EUR
Self catering: 85 - 200 EUR
Other expenses: 85 - 200 EUR

This estimate does not include social activities, travel or clothing. It has been estimated that an average Finnish student spends 700 - 1000 euro a month.

Students who are members of the student union and have paid the membership fee are entitled to various discounts for transportation costs and student meals.

For non EU/EEA/Swiss citizens for residence permit for studies the Finnish Immigration Service requires a proof of adequate funds to cover the costs during student's stay in Finland. This income requirement is for a student min. 560 EUR/month. This can be considered as the absolute minimum sum of money with which one can support him/herself in Finland.

Student lunch & meal subsidy

Student lunch & Meal subsidy

Student priced lunches at student canteens are very affordable in Finland. Exchange students who study full time at a Finnish higher education institution are entitled to Finnish students' meal subsidy. Also exchange students are entitled to this subsidy. To get the meal subsidy you should produce a Finnish student card or meal subsidy card upon paying for your lunch.

The maximum price for a normal warm lunch (incl. salad, a drink, bread and spread and warm main course) is approx. 3 EUR. In most student restaurants there are also so called special student lunches or dishes which are slightly more expensive. You can get a discount in all restaurants participating in Finnish higher education students' meal subsidy scheme by presenting a Finnish student union membership card or a meal subsidy card which you can get upon the start of your studies in Finland.

Currently a student priced lunch at Oulu UAS's student canteens cost from 1.11 EUR/meal (incl. meal subsidy). For more information, refer to the section "Studying at Oulu UAS" > "Student restaurants and meal subsidy".