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Oulun ammattikorkeakoulu :: Exchange students

Blow your mind and study in Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland!

Want to learn more about exchange study possibilities at Oulu UAS? Feel free to browse our website on studies and application


Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk, Oulu UAS) is a multi-field institution. We offer exchange students excellent study facilities equipped with the latest technology. In addition to quality studies, one can enjoy a diverse leisure time environment.

We have severaldegree programmes instructed in English. Each study field includes also a varying range of courses taught in English. The courses provided for exchange students are designed to be recognised as a part of your degree programme at your home institution.

We warmly welcome all new international students to Oulu, the Capital of Northern Scandinavia! Come and experience the vivid city of snowy winters and sunny summer nights. 

Degree-seeking students

This section of our website contains information only for incoming exchange students. If you are interested in studying at Oulu UAS as a degree-seeking student, please see information relevant for you in the Studies and applying section


Studies in English for exchange students

Here you will find the studies available for incoming students as soon as the course offer has been confirmed.
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How to apply?

Are you studying at one of Oulu UAS's partner institutions and are interested in studying at Oulu UAS as an exchange student?
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Exchange experiences

Read stories and watch videos about being an exchange student in Oulu UAS.
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Practical information

We have gathered a lot of important information for prospective exchange students here on our website and in our guides.
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Practical training

Practical training

Practical training is included in all our degree programmes and most students write their theses in conjunction with a company.
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