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Teachers make students think

Teachers make students think

30.7.2015 :: Author: Pia Alatorvinen  Photos: Pia Alatorvinen

Adrian Canales, 29, is about to start his second year in Degree Programme in International Business at the Oulu UAS. His life in Oulu started two years ago because of love.

adrian 1.jpg

- My wife is half Finnish. She was born in Helsinki and had lived 12 years in Texas, where we met. She was ready to move back home, Adrian tells about his reasons to move to Finland.

Adrian thought that if they are going to move across the world together, they should get married. And so they did, packed their bags and arrived in northern Finland.

Adrian had already a degree in business from the Prairie View A&M University in 2010. Since then he has gathered a lot of experience from working life, especially selling. He has managed a store at a mall with a team of seven people, and he has been an insurance salesman that had to know insurance legislation in 17 different states. After an immigrant course in Oulu, Adrian wanted to start to study again and relearn the things he had studied before.

- My wife suggested me many places to study in. I looked at the Oulu UAS website and found the international degree. With this degree I can expand my knowledge in business. It also seemed interesting, because it looked so international, not all the students were Finnish, Adrian tells.

Not just Powerpoints

The image proved to be right. Adrian finds his studies interesting and useful and the fellow students are international.

- Oulu UAS has totally different kind of system than in US. Studying here is not just memorising things. Here is much more critical thinking and practising.

Adrian likes the group work and the fact that teaching is not just Powerpoints. The teachers make the students think themselves. Some of the studies are familiar to him, but to get good grades he still has to work hard.

Adrian's goal is to be a CEO one day, after working his way up from the bottom. He would also like to start his own business, if he found a great business idea. He has already a lot of connections and he knows people who can help with his ideas. Happy and outgoing Adrian has also one thing in mind he would like to try, if the Finnish alcohol law and bureaucracy weren't so strict.

- I love hosting people and seeing them having fun. My absolute dream would be to own a bar.

adrian2.jpgAdrian Canales is eager to try different foods. He claims that the Finnish strawberries are best in the world.


Biking through Oulu

Adrian and his wife are both studying an international degree and they haven't decided where they end up. But right now Adrian enjoys living in Oulu. The town with almost 200 000 inhabitants offers the good sides from both countryside and city.

- You can do whatever you want here, party in the nightlife, spend time in the parks, at least in summer, and a 10-minute bike ride brings you to the nature. I'm from Texas, so I'm not even fed up with the snow yet! I'm really happy here, you only get in trouble if you pick trouble, the air is fresh and it's clean everywhere, Adrian sums up the benefits of Oulu.

Adrian says the local people are very friendly. Sometimes they can be shy speaking English, but often they also come to ask where Adrian is from when they hear him speak English.

If one thing is typical for people living in Oulu, it is riding a bike everywhere. Adrian has also adopted this habit, since it is the easiest way to move around the small and flat town.

- I had to learn to do it again though. Texas is all about cars, Adrian says smiling.

Adrian's video blog about his life in Oulu: GoodFolk Vlogs