Boosting the products with teacher education

1.12.2015 :: Author: Pia Alatorvinen

Innovation, entrepreneurship… Eeva Kiuru wondered what all these interesting words were doing in the description of Oamk’s teacher education programme.


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– I really had to call and ask, is this really about teacher education, Eeva laughs afterwards.

Yes it was, although the practices are new to a student that is used to traditional lectures and testing. Apart from some meetings, studying takes place online, the group works in English, students are originally from many different countries and your teacher is often the fellow student. Eeva is fascinated by the new way of studying.

– You have to jump to the next level. You can’t just show up to lectures. Studying is active work and you do a lot yourself.

Eeva is a health technology coach and expert in her own company. The idea of attending the teacher education came from a friend’s recommendation. Eeva has met a lot of coaches, who are excellent experts but whose pedagogical skills need improvement. This experience made Eeva apply to the programme.

Although the studies qualify Eeva as a teacher, she lists a bunch of other skills that she has learned in addition to pedagogy: international interaction, new professional vocabulary in English, different cultures, technology and learning tools and creativity.

– The learning has been gamified, there is a lot of hooking elements within the process. After you have completed a task, you’ll get a reward. You’ll get feedback or you can write a learning blog, says Eeva, who enjoys writing.

As an entrepreneur Eeva can use her new skills immediately in practice. She tells that the studying has given her good ideas of how to activate groups and organise the material.

– People like getting involved. I claim that my training sessions are better now.

Eeva started studying in June and she will finish the 60-credit programme in one year. In the spring start the interesting sessions, in which Eeva may create her own learning products. She is able to take them right away to her own business.

– I am positively surprised of the teacher education programme, compared to what I have seen world wide. The programme is on high level and it gives plenty of challenges.

Eeva remarks that it is time to develop complete products from the Finnish high quality education.

– We talk a lot about exporting education, but how many edutech companies we actually have? We need training programmes like Oamk’s EduLAB Teacher Education for that, Eeva says.

Eeva’s learning blog

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