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Opiskelijaelämää Oulun ammattikorkeakoulussa

Student life at Oulu UAS

Have a look at what our students tell about studying and life at Oulu UAS.


Good education drew to Finland

Maite Alaez-Guergue´s father encouraged her to study in Finland because of Finland´s good reputation in the field of education.…
22.11.2016 :: Marjo Sormunen

Practical skills are a great advantage in the working life

Viktors Sobolevs, 22, has just begun his third year in the degree programme in International Business at the Oulu UAS. There…
2.10.2016 :: Marjo Sormunen

Collecting life experiences abroad

Sofia Starikova, 20, visited in Oulu many times during her childhood. Now she studies Information Technology at the Oulu…
1.10.2016 :: Marjo Sormunen

Research, development and innovation activies focus on five areas in Oulu

The Oulu Innovation Alliance (OIA) co-operation agreement signed on 22 March 2016 in Oulu city hall focuses the research,…
13.5.2016 ::

Students provide valuable help for an entrepreneur

Mr Asmo Saloranta, the CVO of Asmo Solutions, has co-operated in many ways both with the students of Oulu University of Applied…
26.1.2016 :: Anne Aho

Demola team's success didn't come easy

Lennart Zijlema is surprised. He is a part of the winning team of the Demola pitching competition in fall semester 2015.…
16.12.2015 :: Pia Alatorvinen

Boosting the products with teacher education

Innovation, entrepreneurship… Eeva Kiuru wondered what all these interesting words were doing in the description of Oamk’s…
1.12.2015 :: Pia Alatorvinen

Orientation week welcomes international students to Oamk

The very next day Priya Shestra arrived at Oulu from Nepal, she attended the orientation day for students starting the…
14.10.2015 :: Pia Alatorvinen

Natural choice for an international person

Richard Marbach has had a very international childhood and youth. It is only natural that also his studies continue this…
13.8.2015 :: Pia Alatorvinen

Friends’ recommendations encouraged to study in Oulu

Mengmeng Rong has studied business information technology in Oulu UAS for one year. The first year has taught Mengmeng a lot…
7.8.2015 :: Pia Alatorvinen