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Sustainable development

Sustainable development

The staff and students of Oulu UAS acknowledge their ecological, economic and sociocultural responsibilities. Oulu UAS is committed to systematically enhancing the principles of sustainable development in all its actions.

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Sustainable Development Commitment of Oulu UAS

Oulu university of applied sciences (Oulu UAS) is a sustainable development actor of the North. Sustainable development is included in to our education supply and is a part of our research, development and innovation work. Our staff and students are aware of their ecological, economic and sociocultural responsibility and are committed to enhance sustainable development in their action.

The objectives of Oulu UAS sustainable development work in 2018-2020 is to develop Green Campus operations model, strengthen good practices of sustainable development and promote visibility of sustainable development values. We monitor regularly the advance of our work and fulfill the demands set to us by the law and authorities.


Themes of sustainable development in Oulu UAS

Our SD responsibility includes various objects.

Ecological To prevent negative environmental impacts: to reduce consumption of energy, materials and water
Economic Resource wisdom: the balance btw. objectives and resources, life cycle thinking, recycling
Social Well-being at work and in studies: to strengthen knowhow, caring, safety
Cultural Utilizing multiculturalism: various fields of study and business as a resource, tolerance, equality