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Oulu University of Applied Sciences’ guidelines for incoming exchange students in autumn 2020

Published: 22 June 2020 at 08:46 :: International opportunities


At the moment, Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk) is planning the start of the academic year 2020-21 in a normal schedule and we are looking forward to welcoming incoming exchange students on campus in August as far as it is safely possible and feasible in the current coronavirus pandemic. The following guidelines are subject to any changes and restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic situation. The University management is closely following the information and guidelines provided by both international and national authorities and should the situation change, we are ready to adopt new measures even on a very short notice. We are aiming at providing incoming exchange students a rewarding and safe exchange period despite of the current exceptional and uncertain circumstances.

Oulu University of Applied Sciences’ management will provide updated guidelines regarding learning activities during the autumn term 2020 after June 26, 2020. Exact information on courses or parts of courses that will be delivered remotely or on campus will only be available in August and the guidelines about the teaching methods are subject to changes. As there is currently uncertainty regarding the timeline when the delivery of studies will return back to normal and which parts of the studies can be completed entirely remotely, all incoming exchange students, for whom it is possible, should arrive in Oulu in time for the start of the academic year.

Arrival information

  • Incoming exchange students should arrive in Oulu in time for the start of the academic year as far as it is possible considering restrictions and other reasons related to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Recommended arrival date depends on whether a self-isolation is still required at the time of arrival. If not, you may arrive by August 19, 2020. If a quarantine is required, please schedule your arrival for August 6, 2020 at the latest. The quarantine requirement may be country specific based on the country of origin or countries visited lately. Further information on the self-isolation requirement: pandemic
    • Only coronavirus-related travel restrictions and matters arising from these are considered sufficient grounds for not arriving in Oulu for the start of the orientation and autumn term.
    • If you arrive before the official arrival service dates (August 18 – 19, 2020), please arrange your travels to Oulu so that you can pick up the key to your accommodation from the PSOAS Lounge on Linnanmaa Campus during their office hours: If you arrive outside of the office hours you may pick up the key on the following weekday after arrival. In such a case you should arrange your accommodation between the arrival and key pick up separately. Further info on short-term accommodation options in Oulu is available e.g. at
  • At the moment, (June 17) a person entering Finland from most countries should self-isolate for 14 days after arrival. During this two-week period travelling and meeting people should be restricted to a minimum, i.e. to commuting between the study or work place and home and for other essential reasons (such as going for groceries or pharmacy etc.). Also going out for walks and jogging etc. is allowed, as long as crowds are avoided and a 1 – 2 m safety distance to other people is maintained. There are no official requirements for wearing face masks in public places in Finland – please check the instructions of your airlines and other transport companies and countries you will be travelling through on your way to Finland.
  • The border crossing instructions are, however, likely to change during this summer. Restrictions may be lifted or new ones imposed at a short notice, so please follow the website of the Finnish Border Guard at for updated information on border crossing formalities to Finland.
  • Upon entering the country you should have your Oulu University of Applied Sciences’ acceptance letter and passport at hand to present them to the Border Guard for possible checking.
  • To avoid financial losses we strongly recommend you to make only such travel arrangements that can be rebooked and/or cancelled.

Students who need a residence permits for Finland (non-EU, EEA or Swiss citizens)

  • Please take into account that there may be a delay in processing of your residence permit application, the decision and delivery of your residence permit. If this should be the case for you, we recommend you to consider postponing the exchange period to spring 2021, or starting it remotely (if possible).
  • Currently (June 17) the Finnish embassies abroad have resumed limited reservations for residence permit interviews. Please keep yourself updated on when your local Finnish embassy resumes residence permit interviews. Information on this will be published on the websites of the Finnish Immigration Service at, Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs at, and the website and social media channels of your local Finnish embassy. Contact information of the Finnish embassies can be found at
  • You may still submit an electronic application for the residence permit but it will not be processed until you have visited the Finnish embassy to verify your identity and documents. To avoid unnecessary costs, we recommend you to submit the application only when you are certain about the timetable of your residence permit interview.
  • If you want to start your studies remotely, please check your planned studies and estimate whether they contain laboratory work or other hands-on or experimental education that most likely cannot be arranged remotely and be prepared that such studies cannot be completed remotely. Detailed information on this will not be available before August, however.
  • If you start your studies and exchange period in Oulu University of Applied Sciences remotely, the latest sensible point of time for arriving in Oulu and joining the classes of autumn term will be the beginning of the 2nd period, i.e. by October 25, 2020.

Orientation for new incoming exchange students:

  • Dates: August 20 - 21, 2020
  • The information sessions that are common to all new incoming exchange students will be arranged remotely utilizing distance education tools.
  • The orientation will also contain activities arranged in small groups on campus. With this we want to ensure the engagement of new students to the University and support students’ team building.


  • The University management will provide general guidelines about teaching arrangement for autumn on June 26, 2020 (all guidelines will be subject to possible changes).
  • Teaching can be arranged at least partly remotely (decision pending and depends on authorities’ health and safety guidelines valid at the time). However, even in such a case learning activities that cannot be arranged remotely may be arranged in small groups on campus (e.g. laboratory work, experimental teaching, learning of manual skills).
  • We aim at offering guidance and other encounters on campus to all students who can safely come on campus despite of the pandemic situation (i.e. those who do not belong to high-risk groups of COVID-19 infection).
  • At the moment it is not possible to say for sure which courses or parts of them will be arranged remotely and which on campus. Thus, we require all students, for whom it is possible, to arrive in Oulu before the studies start.
  • To enable participation in remote teaching, please bring a laptop with you!

Assessment and common examinations

  • Electronic Exam system and other alternative assessment methods will mainly be used for assessment of learning
  • Paper-based examinations can, however, in certain cases be arranged on campus providing that the 2 m safety distance between the students can be kept in the examination room(s).

Further information on coronavirus pandemic in Finland

  • Currently the coronavirus epidemic is slowing down in Finland, and especially in Oulu the situation has been very calm for several weeks in a row with only one confirmed new infection in the past three weeks (situation on June 17).
  • The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare publishes current, up-to-date and trustworthy information on the coronavirus situation in Finland and on how to avoid contracting and spreading the virus on their website at