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Contact information of Oulu UAS

Contact information

Oulu University of Applied Sciences Ltd

Business ID 2509747-8 (korvaa # -> @) (registry office)

If you have enquiries regarding student or applying issues, please contact student services or admissions office (information below).

Street address
Kotkantie 1
90250 Oulu

Postal address
P.O. Box 222
FI-90101 OULU

Telephone and fax numbers

phone icon +358 20 6110 200
FAX icon +358 8 372 144
FAX icon +358 10 27 21370

Oulu UAS telephone switchboard is open on business days from 8 am to 4.15 pm.

E-mail addresses
Staff e-mail addresses: (korvaa # -> @)

Electronic Invoicing

We take only E-invoices. Our E-invoice operator is Basware. If you have the capability to send E-invoices, please contact us by e-mail at (korvaa # -> @) and our operator will contact your e-invoice operator to start sending e-invoices.

Invoicing instructions fileicon

E-invoice information

Operator: Basware Oy
Operator's ID: BAWCFI22
E-invoice address / Finnish party identification number (OVT): 003725097478
Oulu University of Applied Sciences Ltd.
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Business ID

VAT code

Contact information for campuses 

Student services

Admission services

Oulu University of Applied Sciences
Admission Services
PO BOX 405
90101 Oulu, Finland
Visiting Address: Kotkantie 1, 90250 Oulu, Finland

phone icon +358 10 19 2001* 
FAX icon +358 10 27 21370 (korvaa # -> @)

* A telephone call to the admissions office from Finland will cost a normal local network charge or a mobile call charge. When calling from abroad your operator will charge an international call charge.

Additional contact information